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This article uses unofficial translations that are subject to change in the official English release.
These unofficial translations are marked by parentheses.

Quests are various tasks that can be taken up in Phantasy Star Zero. Although they mostly involve the same thing (going through a level and clearing it), some quests form the main story, while other quests may have side story elements. Quests can be divided into three categories - main story quests, side story quests, and multiplayer quests.

You receive rewards for completing quests (depending on which quest you took), and monsters in quests give more experience. However, item drop rates are lower compared to simply playing through an area.


Main story quests

These quests form the main story of the game. They must be played in order, and each one can only be completed once per character. They can only be played in Normal difficulty, and do not return when accessing Hard or Super Hard. Clearing the main story quests will unlock Hard difficulty in Story Mode (and Multiplayer modes if your character is below level 30).

Each of the races has a slightly different quest progression, the biggest difference between them being the order in which they complete the first three areas.


Name Area Reward Required NPCs
The Valley King Gurhacia Valley 1000 Sarisa (boss only), Kai (leaves mid-way)
Snowbound Rescue Rioh Snowfield 1500 Sarisa, Kai
Clockworks Ozette Wetlands 2000 Sarisa, Kai
Artifacts Paru 2500 Sarisa, Kai, Ogi (joins mid-way)
A Far Journey Makara Ruins - Sarisa, Kai, Ogi
Truth Revealed Arca Plant - Sarisa, Ogi
Curtain Call The Dark Shrine 4000 Sarisa, Ogi, Reve


Name Area Reward Required NPCs
Memories Opened Rioh Snowfield 1000 Sarisa
United in Power Ozette Wetlands 1500 Sarisa, Kai
(???) Gurhacia Valley 2000 Sarisa, Kai
(A Date with Antiquity) Paru 2500 Sarisa, Kai, Ogi (joins mid-way)
(A Journey to Faraway) Makara Ruins - Sarisa, Kai, Ogi
(The Truth Revealed) Arca Plant - Sarisa, Ogi
(The Final Battle) The Dark Shrine 4000 Sarisa, Ogi, Kai


Name Area Reward Required NPCs
Swamp Devil Ozette Wetlands 1000 Sarisa, Kai (boss only)
Fighting Fear Gurhacia Valley 1500 Sarisa, Kai
Clockworks Rioh Snowfield 2000 Sarisa, Kai
Artifacts Paru 2500 Sarisa, Kai, Ogi (joins mid-way)
A Far Journey Makara Ruins - Sarisa, Kai, Ogi
Truth Revealed Arca Plant - Sarisa, Ogi
Curtain Call The Dark Shrine 4000 Sarisa, Ogi, Kai

Side story quests

Side story quests are quests that can be repeated and appear on every difficulty. They have no bearing on the main story progression, but are unlocked by clearing the story missions. However, one quest, (Daydreamer's Rampage), is only available after discovering the Naura Cake Shop rare block. This quest has 200% EXP and 250% item drop rates, but will disappear after being cleared - you'll need to find the Naura Cake Shop again to play it.

Clearing every side story quest except (Daydreamer's Rampage) on Hard difficulty will unlock Super Hard difficulty for Story Mode (and Multiplayer if your character is below level 60).

Name Area Reward Required NPCs
Normal Hard Super Hard
Mayor's Mission Gurhacia Valley (Rapid Shower), 500 Meseta (Steady Shower), 1000 Meseta (Steady Shower), 2000 Meseta -
Get Connected Gurhacia Valley (Ace/PP), 1000 Meseta (Hero/PP), 2000 Meseta (Master/PP), 4000 Meseta -
Waltz of Rage Rioh Snowfield (Eight Ounce), 500 Meseta (Twelve Ounce), 1000 Meseta (Twelve Ounce), 2000 Meseta Ogi
Third Daughter Rioh Snowfield (Pastry Apron), 5000 Meseta (Pastry Apron), 10000 Meseta (Pastry Apron), 20000 Meseta -
Devilish Return Ozette Wetlands (Twin Ketchup), 500 Meseta (Twin Mustard), 1000 Meseta (Twin Mustard), 2000 Meseta Sarisa
Mayor's Quest Ozette Wetlands (Ace/HP), 1500 Meseta (Hero/HP), 3000 Meseta (Master/HP), 6000 Meseta -
A Small Friend Paru (All/Resist Lv1), 1000 Meseta (All/Resist Lv2), 2000 Meseta (All/Resist Lv3), 4000 Meseta Sarisa
Future Hunters Paru (Rookie/Guard), 2000 Meseta (Ace/Guard), 4000 Meseta (Hero/Guard), 8000 Meseta Kai
I Love Ruins! Makara Ruins (Rookie/Swift), 1500 Meseta (Ace/Swift), 3000 Meseta (Hero/Swift), 6000 Meseta Ogi
Fallen Flowers Makara Ruins (Doppel Scythe), 2000 Meseta (Cronos Scythe), 4000 Meseta (Cronos Scythe), 8000 Meseta Ogi
2 Sets of Heroes Arca Plant (Harisen Battle Fan), 3000 Meseta (Path of Art), 6000 Meseta (Path of Art), 12000 Meseta Sarisa, Ogi, Kai
Ana's Request Arca Plant (Leucon Still), 2000 Meseta (Shuvaltz Still), 4000 Meseta (Shuvaltz Still), 8000 Meseta Reve
Mother's Memory The Dark Shrine (Spirit Garb), 2500 Meseta (Spirit Garb), 5000 Meseta (Spirit Garb), 10000 Meseta Sarisa, Ogi, Kai
To the Future The Dark Shrine (Tarjion Gun), 3000 Meseta (Luxion Gun), 6000 Meseta (Tachyon Gun), 12000 Meseta Sarisa, Reve
The Eternal Eternal Tower Monogrinder x20, 4000 Meseta Digrinder x20, 8000 Meseta Trigrinder x20, 16000 Meseta -

Weapons rewarded come with 0% in their photon attributes and with 0 accuracy adjustment, except for the following weapons in Super Hard mode:

  • (Steady Shower)
  • (Twelve Ounce)
  • (Twin Mustard)
  • (Cronos Scythe)
  • (Path of Art)
  • (Shuvaltz Still)

These weapons come with 30% accuracy adjustment. Armors rewarded through quests come with 2 slots in Normal difficulty, 3 slots in Hard difficulty, and 4 slots in Super Hard difficulty.

Multiplayer quests

The Wild Valley

  • Beastly roars have been reported from the valley. Please investigate.

Dragon's Roar

  • A dragon was spotted deep in the valley. Search and destroy, if possible.

Wetland Mayhem

  • Hostiles are active in the wetlands. Urgent response is requested.

Marsh Devil

  • A so-called devil sleeps in a march in the wetlands. Search and destroy, please.

Snow Shaker

  • Huge footprints were found in the snowfield. A security sweep is necessary.

The Abominable

  • People have been attacked at dawn in the mountains. Hunt the hostile responsible.

Sleeping City

  • Hostile activity has arisen in the forgotten city of Paru. Investigate the cause.

A Past Reprised

  • Unknown weapons were confirmed active in Paru. Urgent action is requested.

A Bed of Flowers

  • Numerous hostiles were seen in the giant cavern. Their extermination is requested.

Cave Shadows

  • Hostiles have gathered at a facility in the grotto. It must be protected.

Plant 51

  • A guardian robot has gone out of control at Plant 51. Destroy it at once.

Mech Assault

  • A giant mech has broken free of control on the moon. It must be subjugated.

Black and White

  • Join a search-and-destroy mission to clear the Dark Shrine of hostiles.

Darkness Revived

  • Mother Trinity is rumored to have been resurrected. Investigate the Dark Shrine.