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Mags are robotic creatures that hover alongside the player and assist him/her in various ways. These are:

  • Stat boosts - Mags can boost a character's stats, depending on how they are fed.
  • Combat support - Mags can, under certain circumstances, perform certain actions such as buffing a character, healing them, reviving them, or making them invincible.
  • Photon blasts - these are special attacks a Mag can unleash when its blast gauge is full. They can also be chained with other characters to increase their effect.

All characters receive a basic mag (whose color can be changed at character creation) when they first start the game. Additional mags can be found as drops (mostly in Paru) or can be bought with Photon Drops. Mags found as drops come having been partially raised (with random stats).


Feeding and levels

Mags can be fed, doing so will raise or lower one or more bars corresponding to various stats (Power for ATP, Guard for DFP, Hit for ATA, and Mind for MST). When a bar is filled, the mag will level up. Each level a mag has in a particular stat will boost the associated character stat by 1. The combined level of all four stats is the mag's total level. The level cap is 100, which can be distributed in any combination (for example, one could put 100 in one stat and 0 in the rest, or any possible hybrid combination e.g. 50/0/50/0, or 5/71/10/14).

Mags will eat up to 5 items in a feeding session. Unlike mags in Phantasy Star Online, PS0's mags will eat many items including weapons and armor. The type of mag and the type of item given will affect which stats are raised or lowered by feeding. Note that although a bar can be lowered by feeding certain items until it is completely empty, a mag cannot be deleveled, and the bar will simply stay empty. Mags become hungry every three minutes.

For a detailed listing of stat changes by fed item, see Mag feeding chart.

Synchro rate

All mags have a synchro rate, which is a representation of how much the mag likes and trusts the character. Synchro rate affects the special effects of photon blasts, particularly when they are used in a chain.

Synchro rate is capped at 100%. Dying will reduce the rate by 10%, while the rate will increase when the mag levels up, is given Moon or Star Atomizers, or unleashes a photon blast. For a fully leveled mag, Moon and Star Atomizers are recommended to raise the synchro rate.

Mag evolutions

As they level up, mags are capable of evolving into entirely new forms based on their stats. Mags can evolve into a 4th form through levelling, and special rare evolutions can occur when a mag is fed certain special mag evolution items. Mags can evolve at level 10, 30, and 60, and then can switch their form or evolve if they didn't previously at every ten levels onwards. Unless a mag evolution item is used, a mag of level 100 cannot evolve or change forms.

In the event that two or more evolution requirements are met when a mag has a chance to evolve, the mag will stay in its current form. The following table shows mag evolutions:

Name Requirements Photon blast Notes
1st form Mag N/A None Starting equipment
2nd form Yul Power > other stats Granir Evolves starting at level 10.
Aio Guard > other stats Midgul
Yth Hit > other stats Pacifal
Ingh Mind > other stats Flozir
3rd form Othel Power > other stats Pacifal Evolves starting at level 30.
Aiol Guard > other stats Flozir
Peoth Hit > other stats Granir
Deegh Mind > other stats Midgul
Thohn All stats 0 except power Granir
Maray All stats 0 except guard Midgul
Teroo All stats 0 except hit Pacifal
Niid All stats 0 except mind Flozir
4th form Urado Power > Guard > other stats Midgul Evolves starting at level 60.
Will not change if A > B = C or A = B > C.
Wyn Power > Hit > other stats Pacifal
Chato (Primary Color Body) Power > Mind > other stats Flozir
Tyrna Guard > Power > other stats Granir
Beork Guard > Hit > other stats Pacifal
Larg Guard > Mind > other stats Flozir
Ansul Hit > Power > other stats Granir
Hagal Hit > Guard > other stats Midgul
Sig (White Body) Hit > Mind > other stats Flozir
Chato (Black Body) Mind > Power > other stats Granir
Feo Mind > Guard > other stats Midgul
Sig (Primary Color Body) Mind > Hit > other stats Pacifal
Rare forms Rappy Use Rappy Heart. Requires a level 60+ mag. Photon blast carries over from the previous form.
Puyo Use Puyo Soul. Requires a level 60+ mag.
Lassi Use Lassi Soul. Requires a level 60+ mag.
Toppi Use Toppi Soul. Requires a level 60+ mag.
Soniti Use Soniti Soul. Requires a level 70+ mag.
Arkharz Use Arkharz Soul. Requires a level 70+ mag.
Femini Use Femini Soul. Requires a level 75+ mag.
Radam Use Radam Soul. Requires a level 80+ mag.

Photon blasts

When a mag reaches its second form, it will gain a special attack known as a photon blast. Each mag can have only one such photon blast and the blast the mag has can depend on its evolution and type. Photon blasts can be used by pushing the L+R buttons together when the blast gauge, built up by dealing and taking damage, is full.

Other players can also add their photon blast energy to yours. If you hold down L+R, then they hold down L+R you can perform a chained photon blast when you release the two buttons. Chained photon blasts are more powerful and can have improved or even completely different effects depending on the chain. The following table details the photon blasts available:

Name Basic effect Chained effect
Granir Performs a frontal attack.
Has a small chance of instant death.
Raises the success rate of the instant death effect.
(maximum 30% with a 4-way chain with full synchro mags)
Pacifal Attacks all enemies in the vicinity.
Has a chance to paralyze enemies.
Raises the success rate and length of the paralysis effect.
(maximum 15 seconds with a 4-way chain will full synchro mags)
Better than the stun element.
Midgul Buffs allies with Shifta and Deband.
Debuffs enemies with Jellen and Zalure.
Ally effect
No chain: ATP x2, MST x2, DFP x1.5, all resistances x1.2
2-way chain: ATP x2.5, MST x2.5, DFP x2, all resistances x1.4
3-way chain: ATP x3, MST x3, DFP x2.5, all resistances x1.6
4-way chain: ATP x3.5, MST x3.5, DFP x3, all resistances x1.8
Full chain is more powerful than level 15 Shifta/Deband.

Enemy effect
Effect level of debuffs raises depending on the chain.
Effect length
Length raises depending on the chain (maximum 30 seconds).
Flozir Effects depend on the chain.
Effects are cumulative (so a 4-way chain will receive all the effects of the photon blast).
No chain: Negates all PP consumption.
2-way chain: Attack charge time is cut in half.
3-way chain: Attacks will always score a critical hit.
4-way chain: All damage and status effects are negated.
Effect time depends on mag synchro rate (maximum 40 seconds).

Personality and combat support

All mags have a distinct personality given at creation (for basic mags, this personality is given as ??? and is not seen until they reach their second form). This personality effects the various support abilities that can activate whenever a certain event occurs (such as the player being incapacitated, or entering a boss fight). There are 12 personalities in all, divided into 4 types of 3 personalities each:

  • Offensive support types (Playful, Ruffian, Cautious) - these mags tend towards boosting your attack power, though they have very limited recovery powers as well.
  • Defensive support types (Timid, Obstinate, Anxious) - these mags tend towards boosting your defense, and two can make you invincible when your gauge fills up as well.
  • Recovery support types (Healing, Breezy, Melancholy) - these mags exclusively have powers to heal and cure status effects.
  • Special types (Hungry, Eccentric, Fickle) - these mags have a mix of abilities, and this is the only type with mags capable of recovering PP.

For more information on which mags can perform which actions, as well as favourite foods and personality changing, please see Mag personality charts.

Mags of level 60 and above can have their personality changed by feeding them 5 consecutive items of a particular type. The type of item that must be given depends on the personality you wish to switch to. Mags cannot switch to a personality that is outside their overall type though (so a Naughty mag cannot change to a Glutton).