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Rare blocks are, as the name suggests, special areas that have a chance to appear while players are going through levels. These rare blocks may offer rare enemies, shops, and even an arena. Rare blocks can appear in any difficulty, and often reward an achievement for discovering them the first time.

All rare blocks can be found in free play and quests in Story Mode. The (Naura Cake Shop) and the (Coco Hut) cannot be found in WiFi mode (but all other rare blocks can). Most rare blocks are limited to certain areas, the only exception is the Arena which can be found in any area.

Rare blocks are not the same thing as rare enemies, although the rare nest blocks often include them.


Rare block appearance rates

The chance of finding any rare block in the appropriate area is 2%, with two exceptions:

  • The Arena has an 8% appearance rate.
  • When playing the special quest (Daydreamer's Rampage), the chance of finding a Usanny Nest is 20%. Otherwise it is 2%.

Rare blocks

The Arena

The Arena has a chance to appear after having defeated all mini-boss enemies in the middle section of an area. It can appear in any area, but will not appear in quests where you start in the middle section (these are - A Little Friend, Mayoral Directive, The Ruins are my Life!, Ana's Request, and Towards the Future).

It appears as a teleporter with an arch over it, with a message box accompanying it. Entering the teleporter will warp you to the Arena, where you will face several waves of mini-boss enemies from that area. After defeating all enemies, a teleporter and 4 golden boxes will appear. You can take the teleporter to return to the area you came from.

Discovering the Arena will award the 'Duelist' achievement.

Naura Cake Shop

The Naura Cake Shop can appear in Gurhacia Valley and Ozette Wetland. This rare block is actually the interior of the Naura Cake Shop. Inside you can speak to one of the sisters who will sell you the following weapons:

Name Type Price Rarity Notes
Sweet Berry Spear 2700 3★ Female only. Price given is for a no attribute weapon.
Bitter Berry Spear 2700 3★ Male only. Price given is for a no attribute weapon.

Furthermore, speaking to the eldest sister will open up the quest (Daydreamer's Rampage), a special quest with boosted EXP and drop rates that can only be played once before it disappears. It can however be replayed by finding the Cake Shop again. Also, when the quest is unlocked, it is unlocked for all difficulties regardless of the difficulty it was found on. If you want to find the Cake Shop for the quest it is advised that you run on Normal difficulty. (Daydreamer's Rampage) counts towards the achievements (Protector of the City), (Protector of the World), and (Protector of the Cosmos), and is necessary to complete them.

Discovering the Naura Cake Shop will award the 'Sweets Hunter' achievement.

Usanny Nest

Formally known as a 'Rabbit's Nest', the Usanny Nest appears in Rioh Snowfield. It is a coloured plaza with fancy decorations, and many Usanny as well as its rare counterpart, Usannymare will appear here.

Discovering the Usanny Nest will award the 'Usanny Hunter' achievement.

Rappy Nest

The Rappy Nest appears in Oblivion City Paru. All kinds of Rappies - Rappy, Al Rappy and Love Rappy can appear here. There are also containers (both regular and golden). Since Rappies can be hit for extra EXP while running away (after being defeated), non-CASTs can use Rabarta to hit all the Rappies together.

Discovering the Rappy Nest will award the 'Rappy Hunter' achievement.

Booma Nest

The Booma Nest appears in Makara Ruins. It is an outdoor area populated by many Booma Origin and Jigobooma Origin.

Discovering the Booma Nest will award the 'Booma Hunter' achievement.

Coco Hut

The Coco Hut appears in Arca Plant and Dark Shrine. This rare block is a shop that sells the following items of interest:

Name Type Price Rarity Notes
Twin Ketchup Machinegun  ? 2★ --
Twin Mustard Machinegun  ? 4★ --
Pizza Slicer  ? 3★ --
Eaten Pizza Slicer  ? 4★ --
Pizza Box Armor  ? 4★ --