Octo Diablo

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Octo Diablo
Octo Diablo.png
Attribute Beast
Classification Boss

An extremely aggressive octopus that resides in the Ozette Wetlands, it utilizes its sharp tentacles and razor-sharp teeth to attack.


The Octo Diablo uses its entire body to strike, giving it significant versatility from all angles and multiple attacks.

  • Single Tentacle Smash: The tentacle nearest you raises up for about 2 seconds while tracking your movements and then smashes down
  • Double Tentacle Smash: Same as Single Tentacle Smash, except two tentacles are now rushing towards you
  • Back Barrage: If you end up behind the Octo Diablo, small spikes are shot out in your direction
  • Stun Tunnel: The mouth opens and creates a vaccum-like effect, sucking you and everything else towards it. Once the vaccum ends, Octo Diablo hesitates for a second and then sprays the mud that he sucked up at you, causing a stun effect if you are hit.
  • Tentawhirl: If you move too close to the center of the area, Octo Diablo begins spinning at high speeds, hitting you up to three or four times and knocking you back.

Once down to half health, the Octo Diablo moves to the outside of the rafts and begins to attack with only two tentacles

  • Air Tunnel: Same as Stun Tunnel except the vaccum only attempts to suck you in and it is much stronger. If it fails, no material is sprayed, but if it works, you are sucked in and chewed, dealing occassional damage until you are spitten out.
  • Corkscrew: The two tentacles raise up and rush forward, corkscrewing as they go and hitting multiple times
  • Grab: A tentacle is raised and thrust foward. If it works, you are grabbed and brought to the front of the Octo Diablo where you are bitten several times.

Item Drops

All difficulties Normal Hard Super hard
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Ozette Wetlands