Arca Plant

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Arca Plant
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Area Arca Plant
Quest type Free field access
Req. NPCs None
Difficulty N Gold star.gifGold star.gifGold star.gifGray star.gifGray star.gifGray star.gifGray star.gif
H Gold star.gifGold star.gifGold star.gifGold star.gifGold star.gifGold star.gifGray star.gif
SH Unknown

A facility that supported life on the moon. It had been kept active in secret.

Enemy information

Enemy name Attri-
Normal Hard Super hard
EXP Boost EXP Boost EXP Boost
-- -- -- -- -- --

Item drops

Drop source All difficulties Normal Hard Super hard
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Containers  ?  ?  ?  ?
Rare containers  ?  ?  ?  ?
Area drops  ? ZondeLV7
GrantsLV2, GrantsLV4,
GrantsLV6, GrantsLV8
MegidLV3, MegidLV5,
ShiftaLV4, ShiftaLV8
 ?  ?